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What is stress and anxiety coaching?. Blossom2

What is stress and anxiety coaching?. Blossom2

What is stress and anxiety coaching?. Blossom2

Life is a journey of exploration, and the quality and pleasure of your life-journey along the way is absolutely crucial to enjoying any goals that you may seek to attain. Stress destroys the quality of both your psychological and physical health, thereby severely impacting the quality of your life. If there is any stress or anxiety in your life that is causing you problems, then I'll be more than pleased to turn my attention to it and work with you on helping you to manage, or resolve, the necessary stress and anxious tensions.

And, of course, ideally, a high quality life-journey requires good nutrition from wholefoods, and a proactive self-responsibility for maintaining your psychological and physical fitness through a healthy level of regular, mind and body-challenging physical exercise.

Finally, I also offer you the thought that it's helpful to develop and maintain a large dose of kindness, positivity and compassion for yourself (you are certainly worth it!), and to offer this to others in your life as well. And, one final stress-reducer, we all need to show respect for our fellow humans, and for the environment that we all share together.

Who do I work with as clients?

Well, my practice has always had an international and cosmopolitan emphasis. Since 2000, my clients have represented a wide range of nationalities, linguistic groups, ethnic groups, and every possible socio-economic level. I've worked in-person with clients living just a few houses away, ranging to clients as far afield as Vietnam (by phone and internet). I'm very comfortable working with people from all lifestyles, sexualities and orientations, whether traditional monogamous marriage or heterosexual partnering, LGBT, demisexual, non-monogamous / polyamorous, whatever. In fact, I'm completely friendly and welcoming to, supportive of, and knowledgeable about all gender combinations, sexualities and lifestyles involving adult, mutually consensual, informed sexuality and relating. All of these are part of the normal and pleasurable range of healthy human life experience.

Please be aware also, that coaching never involves any form of sexual flirting or intimate sexual touch of any kind between coach and client. Sexual touch, or any unwanted contact, in our context is always considered abusive and totally unethical.

Would you like to contact me for an informal chat
regarding stress and anxiety management coaching?

My approach with my clients is always ethical, professional, warm, empathic, caring, highly supportive and motivational, and completely confidential. And I have a sense of humour! I consider that the quality of our professional relationship together is the most important determinant of success. I always approach my stress and anxiety management coaching from a strong interest in helping you to develop effective control of any or all aspects of your life. This process of taking back control of your emotional state is the key to avoiding the very serious results of letting , relationship frustration and dissatisfaction, or sexuality doubts and anxieties dominate and -- over time -- erode away your personal, sexual, family and work life, while also imposing disastrous emotional and physical health outcomes on you. Please follow to find out about my background and qualifications.

Please contact me initially through my website email and we can then arrange a mutually convenient phone call (no fee charged), so that we can talk confidentially, for as long as it takes, about your current needs and requirements. I’ll be very pleased to respond promptly to your email enquiry.

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