Keith Nathaniel Partington MA, BEd (Hons) Stress & Anxiety Management for your Personal Life, Career, Sex & Relating
Based in Inverness, Scotland

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Who I Am, What I’ve Done
and What I Do

Born into a stressful, financially struggling working-class family in the industrially declined 1950s NW England, I became an off-the-beaten-path socially and environmentally-aware world traveller by age 19. Intensely interested in stress, anxiety and mind-body wellbeing; social and sexual diversity; and our planet’s complex and ever-changing human and natural environments, I completed my professional BEd (Hons) Geography QTS degree at Keele University, specialising as a geography/environmental educator; my dissertation/research interests focused on urban planning and urban environment issues. I completed my professional MA Counselling and Psychotherapy, including BACP-accredited integrative counsellor/therapist training, in the School of Psychology, UEL. My research master's interest focused on use of altered states of consciousness with counselling/therapy clients (states of deep inner focus/meditative states, hypnosis, guided fantasies, music listening, etc.) to relieve stress and anxiety-inducing thinking patterns and behaviours, and my dissertation explored the safety ethics of using clinical hypnosis with clients in non-clinical psychotherapeutic intervention. Strongly identifying as European, I currently reside in the environmentally impressive Scottish Highlands. I also spent many years in California, initially as a US-UK Fulbright Award-winning teacher, residing later mostly by the beautiful urban beaches of Los Angeles.

My professional background in stress, anxiety, education, mind-body wellbeing,
climate crisis, and rapid environmental/global change

My integrative MA Counselling and Psychotherapy training, and twenty-one years (2000-2021) as a former psychotherapist, have provided for me a strong knowledge base and insight regarding stress, anxiety, and mind-body wellbeing across all areas of personal, social, and career or professional contexts. This also includes in traditional and non-traditional/alternative lifestyle sexuality and sexual relating contexts. This background forms the basis to my understanding of the causes, mechanisms, and mind-body wellbeing impacts of stress and anxiety in individuals, sexual relating contexts, and across social groupings; and for working safely, ethically and effectively on stress and anxiety in a wide range of psychotherapeutic and educator/coach contexts. Prior to this, however, my first professional training ground in working with a stressed and anxious clientele was as a Fulbright Award-winning educator in England and California between 1975-1999. My specialisation was in geography/environmental education, focused particularly on teaching educationally and socially disadvantaged, conflict-ridden, stressful, anxious - and often vulnerable - high school, middle school, and special needs students.

As a former psychotherapist, and professional environmental educator, I also clearly understand the complex, severe, stress and anxiety-inducing impacts that climate crisis and rapid global/environmental change have on the mind-body wellbeing and behaviours of humans. My professional BEd (Hons) training has provided me with indispensable pedagogical (teaching, coaching, mentoring) skills, and a scientifically-based knowledge-base regarding the multi-dimensional, inter-related nature of climate change, and other environmental/rapid global change crises, and their diverse, often totally devastating impacts.

International recognition as an educator
* In international recognition of my educational leadership with disadvantaged, stressed and anxious secondary students, in 1982 I was competitively selected by the American and British governments to receive a prestigious fully-funded US-UK Fulbright Award. For 1982-1983 this took me from Essex, England, to teach social sciences on exchange at Hamilton Union High School, Hamilton City, California, where I also met my life-partner Lynne-Marie, then Hamilton's vice-principal.

* My research on historical (stress and anxiety-inducing) censorship of sexual expression and knowledge in US arts and media, emanating from my California Teaching Credential program at CSULB, was selected for inclusion in the American Arts Collection of the Smithsonian Libraries, Washington DC; and Osgoode Hall Law School Library, York University, Toronto.

I have also occasionally been published internationally on potentially stressful and anxiety-inducing topics, in such as The Guardian and Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

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My lifestyle and what I advocate for
An organic wholefood vegan, focused on mind-body wellbeing, daily I practise Strala Yoga-based mind-body exercise; and, four times weekly I complete 60 minutes of fast-paced music-driven non-linear movement cardio workout. I love coastal/estuary "blue space" residency; music listening; photography; walking, exploring foreign cities; and foreign road-trips. I'm a staunch advocate of human rights, including gender, abortion, sexual, and non-discrimination rights; and of effective climate crisis and environmental management action and policies.

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