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Yoga for stress release, self-care, and wellbeing. Leaves4

Yoga for stress release,
and wellbeing

As an option within my main coaching services, as a Certified Strala Yoga Guide, I’m qualified and thrilled to offer you very gentle, calming, relaxing Strala Yoga-inspired classes or private sessions. This can provide you with very effective and fun-oriented general help for your personal stress and anxiety levels, plus greatly improving your self-care, overall mind and body wellbeing and physical ease of movement. And, even better, all of this adds up to a lot less tension in your mind and body, which is great news for your overall health and wellbeing.

Strala Yoga is totally different to all other types of yoga out there. It has a very unique philosophy, and equally unique method of training, based on a fusion of very gentle tai chi and yoga, where learning how to gently move your body with ease is the aim. Strala Yoga guides you into gentle, calming body movements (not traditional difficult yoga poses) that, over time, help you to move with greater ease throughout your life whilst, also, activating your body’s relaxation response to calm and reduce your stress. This is great for you whether you’re younger or older, and whatever your fitness level.

My Strala-based stress management and self-care sessions include breathing exercises and other helpful wellbeing tips and practices for improved psychological, emotional and physical self-care, in addition to the actual Strala-inspired yoga session. I've designed these sessions to be suitable for adults of any age, physical build or fitness level, with bodily stiffness and / or emotional stress and tension, who wish to improve their overall mind and body wellbeing. Unlike traditional yoga, Strala Yoga encourages you to move in gentle non-linear (spherical) movements, this is natural movement that your body is used to, and won’t cause you to strain, stress or pull any connective tissues / muscles.

My classes focus on easing stress levels down gradually to more tolerable levels, and helping you learn about stress, breathing and movement, and to eventually move more easily with less stiffness and bodily tension. Strala is, without doubt, the world's most relaxed and fun form of yoga that absolutely anyone can do and completely personalise for their own unique body characteristics and shape. Please read on to find out more about the benefits of yoga for stress management, and how you can enjoy what Strala has to offer in my classes. This can be either for you privately as an individual, as a couple, or as part of a small group.

Strala Yoga is a form of gentle and calming mind-body exercise that may help you greatly in managing your general stress and increasing your overall mind-body wellness in so many areas of your emotional and physical being.

If you practice Strala Yoga consistently, as well as helping to connect your mind and body together through breath and movement, it will also decrease physical tension in your body -- thereby helping even more to switch off your body's stress response. And, it will also help you to increase your range of bodily motion, and allow you to move with greater ease. All of these inter-related psychological and physical changes to your mind and body combined are what I'm referring to when stating that Strala Yoga will improve your overall mind & body wellbeing.

Whatever your age or physical condition, learn to manage your stress and improve your self-care with combinations of breathing and natural movement in Strala Yoga. At the same time, you’ll gradually ease your bodily tensions, become fitter and improve your all round mind-body wellbeing. Strala is all about using combinations of breath, feeling, and natural movement to:

"Move gently,
Everything you’ve got,
As far as you can,
In every direction you can."

As a stress management and mind & body self-care coach, coming from a long background of working professionally with clients to help them manage their stressful and anxiety-creating areas of life, sexuality and relating, what do I think of Strala? Well, in my own life I personally do Strala Yoga for between 15 to 45 minutes each and every day, sometimes more. In fact, I've been doing daily yoga since 2011, mostly Strala. That's what tempted me to certify as a Strala Yoga guide, with on-going annual training updates, in order to offer Strala to others as an adjunct component of me helping people with their stressful lives.

Strala Yoga, combined with breathing techniques and the other strategies that I use with my coaching clients, has enabled me to de-stress my own life almost totally, and -- after ten years on hypertension medication solely because of intense stress -- these combinations made it possible in 2014 for me to withdraw safely from all medication. Strala also has increased my physical wellbeing by developing core stability and strength in my body, improving my posture, and releasing a trapped sciatic nerve -- thereby removing an incredibly painful and restrictive incapacity from my life. No wonder that I now wish to share this with others.

About these sessions

I lead / guide these private sessions in our warm, cosy and comfortable home studio room that I share with my Pilates and Sports Yoga teaching, PhD-qualified partner, Lynne-Marie, or at a suitable local venue. You need to be able to move freely, so simply wear loose clothing of whatever kind you feel comfortable in, or your workout kit, or go the whole hog and jump into your Lycra! I really don't mind. Bare feet is probably best, but toe sox can also be good for some people (I often wear these). There are no rules on clothing, other than no shoes are allowed in the studio room. If your preferred clothing works safely and comfortably for you, then it works for me.

And, I wish to make a point here regarding my respect for your personal physical / bodily boundaries.
As an experienced psychologically-trained helping-professional, used to working in-depth with people who have suffered greatly through sexual abuse and unconsented physical and psychological boundary infringements, I will NEVER make physical contact with you without receiving your consent. I know that most yoga classes often require physical contact, but this NEVER occurs in my classes without your consent. I respect, and wish to validate completely everyone’s right to maintain their own established boundaries. I also appreciate that, in many cases, once you are touched without consent it’s already too late, since the traumatic effects of that unwanted touch cannot be undone. I understand how important this is to you, and I also understand how difficult it often is to construct your boundaries in the first place, let alone maintain them.

I can work with you as an individual, as a couple, or as a member of a group. And my Strala sessions are priced to be as affordable as I can make them, as low as £8 per person for a group session (depending on the number of attendees), and £40 per hour for a private one-on-one session. I offer special 20% discount rates for all university or technical students presenting a valid student photo ID card. I want Strala's calming and relaxing overall wellbeing to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Strala is based on moving softly with ease, through natural movement, developed from various combinations of yoga and tai chi, and it’s not like any yoga that you've ever done. Unlike in other forms of yoga, there are no physical / bodily adjustments ever done in Strala. Strala guides will never grab hold of you and pull, push, twist you into a position that is supposedly “right” for your body! Relax. Just have fun and get into The Flow! These are fun and relaxed sessions, for grown-ups from 18 up to any age, and they require no previous experience of yoga or exercise at all. There are no hard poses to try and twist yourself into, no chanting, no judgmentality, and no competitiveness about who does "better" yoga, etc. In fact, there’s no right or wrong way of doing Strala, as long as it’s done safely within the Strala natural movement process, using Strala's eleven principles of natural movement.

Strala is all about gentle movement combined with breathing. It doesn't matter one little bit what body type you are, or what physical shape you are in. Strala is like no other yoga, because in Strala we each develop our own form and style -- the form that is right for your body will not be right for me. So, your movements and positions will look different from my mine because we are different people. And we should celebrate that because that's just as it should be.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat about
Strala Yoga-inspired mind & body self-care sessions

For a more detailed look at my background, professional qualifications, etc, please browse through my website, reading what I have written about stress management, self-care, yoga, Strala Yoga, and stress in your life and relationships.

Should you have any questions about my Strala Yoga-inspired sessions it will be my great pleasure to chat informally with you and answer them, either by phone, by email, or in person. Please contact me using the buttons on this page. I very much look forward to you joining me for yoga-based mind-body stress management and self-care sessions!

Yoga for stress release, self-care, and wellbeing. KNPEagleComposite (old)

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