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About Keith

My coaching-relevant professional degrees:
MA Counselling and Psychotherapy, School of Psychology, UEL.
Bachelor of Education (Hons) Geography, Keele University.

An off-the-beaten-path world traveller since age 19, strongly identifying as European, and with many years of US residency, I was born into a working-class background in 1950s NW England. Nonconformist, autodidactic, self-motivated, proactive and positivistic, I’m passionate about stress and anxiety management and emotional, psychological and bodily wellbeing in all aspects of life, including in sexual relating, and in the context of climate, environmental and pandemic crises.

I’m an organic wholefood vegan, with a calming daily focus on controlled deep breathing, mindfulness, and positive self-talk. Three times weekly I complete hour-long intensive cardio workouts of music-driven non-linear movement; and my personal daily yoga combines many yoga styles and variations, inspired particularly by elements of Strala Yoga. I’m an avid music-listener and photographer, and also enjoy occasional cycling, and driving BEV’s powered by renewable energy.

A staunch advocate of political and social action to alleviate climate crisis and environmental degradation, I also strongly support human rights. This includes racial, ethnic and gender equality; recognition of all individualised self-fulfilling, mutually consensual and informed sexual relating lifestyles, regardless of orientation or partnering styles; self-assigned gender rights; abortion on demand; and ending poverty and discriminatory practices.

As a private practice psychologically-informed coach since 2000, and as an integrative coach-counsellor-psychotherapist from 2000 to 2021, my client-work has specialised in sensitive, empathic and ethical approaches to stress, anxiety, sexuality and relationship areas and associated issues. My MA Counselling and Psychotherapy background equips me with holistic, humanistic and cognitive behavioural approaches relevant to both coaching or counselling. I also have deep professional understanding of the stressful, anxious emotional states created for individuals, couples and society as a result of intense and prolonged environmentally-associated, climate or pandemic emergencies.

My professional BEd (Hons) provides me with pedagogic skills applicable to coaching, as well as relevant studies in psychology of human development, learning and behaviour. This degree also provides a foundation for my scientific understanding of medical geography/pandemics and geoscience areas such as climate change and environmental issues.

Between 1975-1999, I focused predominantly as an educator, working with stressful, anxious, often vulnerable, educationally and socially disadvantaged children and young people in English and Californian secondary and special education. In 1982 I received international recognition as an educator in the form of a prestigious US-UK Fulbright Award, taking me from Essex, England to teach during 1982-83 at Hamilton Union High School, Hamilton City, California. It was there that I met my life-partner, Lynne-Marie, then Hamilton High School's vice-principal. Before re-settling together in Europe, we spent many years in 1980s and 90s southern California, residing for eight of those within the exercise-lifestyle community of the beautiful Los Angeles beach areas.

I’ve had occasional articles published internationally in such as The Guardian and Sexual and Relationship Therapy; and my research on sexuality and law is included in the collections of the Smithsonian Libraries, Washington DC; and the Osgoode Hall Law School Library, York University, Toronto.

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