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This first section contains material on stress and anxiety management and conflict resolution. The second section contains material on stress and anxiety in sexuality and relationships. This latter section has special focus on the world of alternative sexuality and relating, simply because traditional sexuality is already so well represented on coaching and counselling websites and my aim here is to re-balance this somewhat. I sincerely hope that you find some of these items useful in your life. Simply scroll down through the page to locate what you're looking for.

Articles, tips and brochures are available for your private use, by free download. You can also print articles out if you wish, but that's not so great for the environment, so it’s better to keep them in digital form if possible. New items will be added to those below, from time-to-time. Let me know if there’s something you would like me to consider covering in an article, and, depending on demand, I’ll see what I can do.

Copyright I ask you to please respect that all material here is for your personal self-developmental/educational use only. In the case of material authored by myself, I extend the right for you to re-use my material in a paid or non-paid educational or therapeutic context for the benefit of clients or patients. Copyright of each item is owned and retained by myself, or by other authors who have been generous enough to so freely share their depth and breadth of experience. However, each of the other authors featured on this page have generously eased copyright restrictions to allow you to use their work for your own self-development, and even share it with partners, friends and family.

Stress and Anxiety Management

Much of this material originates, by special kind permission, from another specialist website, That website is operated by Carol Vivyan, joint winner of the British Journal of Nursing 2015 Mental Health Nurse of the Year award, and you will be retrieving such material from that site, over which I have no control.

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