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Even if you’ve only read a small part of this website, by now you're in no doubt about my personal and professional fascination with, and deep commitment to, overall wellness through effective stress management and mind-body exercise. And, of course, to Strala Yoga as providing a hugely significant contribution to this process. But what about my background? And what has been my professional journey to stress management wellness coaching, understanding stress, and to guiding Strala Yoga?

UK-born in 1951, I've always strongly identified as being European. And I'm very internationalist at heart, having lived and worked professionally in both the UK and USA, with my first year in America (1982-1983) having been as a US-UK Fulbright Award-winning teacher. Later, between 1986-1995, I greatly enjoyed living with my Californian life-partner, Lynne-Marie, within the exercise-lifestyle culture of the beautiful Los Angeles urban beaches, before returning to the UK to recapture a more European lifestyle, and for me to become an integrative counsellor and coach. In 2019 we shall be relocating to the gorgeous EU area of County Galway, Ireland.

A very individualistic and autodidactic person, my strong fascinations in life are mind-body wellness -- including Strala Yoga, of course -- organic wholefood veganism, non-traditional lifestyles, various forms of cardio exercise, photography, enjoying music of many genres, human rights, social history and geography / geoscience.

My key qualifications contributing to my coaching practice and my knowledge of stress, its management, and mind-body wellness

I was enrolled in the School of Psychology, University of East London between 1998-2002, completing the professional BACP-accredited core requirements in integrative therapeutic counselling in 2000, at that point being cleared to begin private client work. I was awarded my vocational MA Counselling and Psychotherapy degree in 2002. My postgraduate training at the UEL School of Psychology utilised a very unique process-based model (rather than a human development-based model) that is equally suitable for coaching as well as for counselling. My earlier UK and US teacher training and teaching experience has also contributed an in-depth background and understanding of the psychology of human cognitive development, motivation and learning, which greatly informs my pedagogic approach as a stress management mind-body wellness coach.

I will shortly (2019) qualify as a Strala Yoga Guide, trained and certificated by Strala Training NYC, New York. My adjunct Strala training is ongoing, and will be updated annually or biennially, through intensive weekend in-person training in Amsterdam or Berlin. Additionally, throughout my personal yoga practice since April 2011, I have completed 2,000+ hours of daily yoga-style practice (mostly Strala). All of my Strala training is designed and taught online and in-person by Strala creator Tara Stiles, and co-founder Michael Taylor.

Where does my deep knowledge and understanding
regarding stress management come from?

My in-depth understanding of stress and its effective management has its theoretical foundations in my extensive postgraduate training in the UEL School of Psychology. Added to this, and crucially important, are my many decades of combined helping-professional experience working with stressful and anxious teenagers and adults. Firstly, between 1975-1999, this was mainly as a secondary and special education teacher, working in challenging English and American educational environments with young people who were often highly stressed, anxious and insecure, and who were mostly experiencing significant emotional, social and educational problems. Later, of course, came my adult coaching and counselling work, detailed below.

To this must also be added ten years where I also experienced very deep personal stress in my own life. This was greatly exacerbated by intense lower back and leg pain, originating from lack of core stability / core muscular development and a resulting trapped sciatic nerve, developed over twenty-five years of distance running.

As a UK-based private practice integrative counsellor from 2000 to 2013, I gained in-depth experience specialising in helping adult individuals and couples with their highly stressful and anxiety-associated issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual and psychological abuse (especially abuse originating from childhood), insecurities, low self-esteem, and sexuality, gender and relationship issues. As a life coach from 2000 to the present day my specialisation has been in providing coaching for stress management in all areas of life, including stressful aspects of sexual relating.

Over the years as a coach, and earlier as a counsellor, I have written many counselling, stress management and relationship coaching articles for the internet, and I have also been print published internationally on anxiety and sexuality-related themes.

A selection of my writing and research with underlying
themes of social and individual stress and anxiety

"The causes and dangers of American parochialism", The Guardian Weekly international edition, February 15, 1987, p8. Cultural and educational factors underlying much of America's stressful and anxious perceptions of the outside world, and which also result in the US tendency to regard other countries, cultures, socio-economic systems and peoples as "lesser than", rather than as "equal but different".

"An historical study of the role played by US courts in defining and regulating the law on artistic sexual expression, 1821 to 1994". In 1994, as a lover of social history, and a burgeoning counsellor and coach focused on stressful areas of life, sexuality and relationships, I completed my history MA specialising in social and legal constraints on sexual expression. My dissertation, above, was adopted as a history of US law reference source by the Smithsonian Libraries, Washington DC, and by the Osgoode Hall Law School Library, York University, Toronto. The history of US court involvement in this area reveals a deep societal anxiety and stress about sexual expression in the arts and the general media, as evidenced by censorship imposed -- often a priori -- by government, community groups, and individuals.

"Heterosexual HIV transmission: ethics of disinformation and the importance of adhering to an evidence-based approach in psychotherapeutic practice", Sexual and Relationship Therapy, Vol. 23, No. 4, November 2008, 419-432. A contentious evidence-based debate paper challenging sexual health disinformation from the public health community. Such disinformation on HIV transmission creates unnecessary stress and anxiety among sexual partners, whilst failing to target scientifically-verified more harmful sexual behaviours.

US-UK Fulbright Award
received during my earlier background (1975-1999) as a teacher in
UK and US secondary and special education

I completed my BEd(Hons), specialising in education and geography, at Keele University in 1975, and my California teaching credential and MA, specialising in history, at California State University, Long Beach in 1993 and 1994. Between 1975-1999 my main professional focus was on teaching young people, in UK and US schools, who were mostly experiencing significant emotional, social and educational problems. Guiding such students towards greater educational opportunity, and a wider world of life possibilities, can be a very humbling and enlightening task. There's a great deal that I learned about human positivity and determination in those years that contributes greatly to my present coaching in stress management, and also to guiding Strala.

In 1982, whilst teaching in Essex, UK, I received a prestigious US-UK Fulbright Award in international recognition of my long-term supportive teaching and leadership with socially disadvantaged pupils in an area of intensive urban and socio-economic deprivation. This award took me to teach on a US-UK government exchange for the year 1982-1983 at Hamilton Union High School, Hamilton City, California.

It was in this Fulbright year that I also met my incredible Pilates and Sports Yoga teaching life-partner, Lynne-Marie, then vice-principal at Hamilton, and formerly a PE teacher, state lifeguard, sports coach, and water safety instructor.

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My personal
wellness lifestyle

From my experience with Strala, my personal experience of becoming older, my psychological training and knowledge of current research, and my work in counselling and coaching, I can tell you that staying healthy, vibrant and cognitively engaged with life is possible at any age.

Whether you are in your teens or your seventies, I really mean that, quite literally. But only if you decide to make this happen in your life. And you can live almost the same life in your sixties, seventies and upwards as you would have wanted to live (or maybe did live) in your twenties.

It takes the right approach, and consistency to achieve this -- and it's never too late to make a start on changing your life for the better. Obviously, in order to enjoy life to the fullest in the second half of my sixties and for decades to come, and to be able to work effectively and in a relaxed way with my clients, I need to be aware of maintaining my own mind and body wellness. So, how do I achieve this?

Well, a central element of my life since the mid-1970s has been developing a healthy relationship with food, and a consistent, and fun, involvement with regular exercise. In addition to the organic wholefood vegan lifestyle that I've chosen for myself, daily Strala Yoga is obviously right at the centre of this for me! As you can read elsewhere in more detail, deep breathing exercises, combined with Strala Yoga have been central to me managing my stress levels down to very safe proportions since 2014. Strala has also rebuilt my physical core, creating pain-free strength and stability which I’ve never had before. Consistency is the key here, and since 2011 I’ve completed approximately 2,000 hours of personal yoga, mainly Strala, in my daily practice. This has, quite literally, changed my entire life by decreasing my stress levels, plus increasing my range of motion and releasing a trapped sciatic nerve. In fact, I do Strala for between 30 to 60 minutes every day, not counting those crazy spontaneous outbreaks of Strala which occur anytime, anyplace, several times each day!

Each week I also complete three intensive cardio sessions, working at vigorous levels between 75%-85% of maximum age-adjusted heart rate. This could be in the form of fast moving interval training / tabata sessions for 30 minutes; or instead, it could be a timed cardio endurance movement session to fast-beat music of many different kinds.

And if this sounds too energetic then I should mention that, adding to the mental health aspects of my wellness, I'm a passionate photographer -- sometimes publishing my work in magazines and books. I also adore music, and often simply just relax while listening to music of virtually every genre.

Above all, I always bear in mind to focus consistently on making sure that the quality of life's journey, not necessarily the final goal, is uppermost in my mind. My recommendation is to always enjoy life to the fullest, indulging and experimenting, and constantly evolving across all areas of life that interest you. Providing that you remain ethical in your treatment of other people and our environment, don't be afraid to cross boundaries in your mind, your physical world, and also in your relationships, in order to explore the unknown and the unconventional -- if that's where you would like your life-journey to take you.

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