Keith Nathaniel Partington MA (Couns & Psych), BEd (Hons) Counsellor & Stress and Anxiety Management Coach
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Stress and anxiety management coaching
for you

As a coach, I’m here to work patiently, calmly, supportively and motivationally with you, helping you to manage and reduce your stress and anxiety. By doing so, you will improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and, through our coaching work together, you will be on course to achieving your desired goals and self-fulfilment in your personal life, career, education, and sexual / intimate relationships. My coaching focus is on working with stressed, anxious and worried individuals, couples or small groups, helping you to identify, and learn to manage and overcome the specific contexts and situations which actually create your stressful anxieties and fears. This includes stress arising from anxiety / anxious thoughts, fear, worries, low self-esteem, low resilience, insecurity, self-doubt, overload, burnout, frustration and / or dissatisfaction.

I will happily work with you on managing stressful and anxiety-filled areas in any part of your personal life, work, career, education, or sexual relationship(s). And, this also includes a specialisation in stress and worries or deep anxieties arising from climate change and viral pandemic infection experiences or concerns. Throughout all of our work together, my aim is also to facilitate greater overall mind and body self-care and increase your self-fulfilment in life.

I come to my evidence-based coaching with a deep personal and professional commitment, and psychological understanding, regarding mind-body wellbeing; particularly with regard to stress, its causes, its potentially devastating mental and bodily effects, and its management. But, you may ask, why be concerned about stress? Surely, stress is just what everyone suffers? Well, yes, to varying degrees, unfortunately, all of us do experience stress. Nevertheless, stress is incomparably dangerous.

Stress may damage or destroy your mental health, have major negative effects on your gene expression, seriously impact your physical health, and totally devastate your personal life. It can limit or even destroy your ability to self-achieve goals and ambitions in your career / profession or educational endeavours.

Stress can also, and frequently does, seriously compromise your sexual relating and overall sexuality, your psychological and physical ability to desire sex, to perform sexually (sexual dysfunction), or remain sexually active at all. And, it can also result in inability to conceive children, if that should be important in your life. The mental health effects of severe stress can also destroy your ability to socialise, kill off your friendships and relationships, and restrict your abilities to concentrate, communicate, remember or relax. And this is only the very tip of the stress iceberg. For more information about stress please read my more detailed articles on this website, discussing The emotional and physical dangers of stress and The stress reduction and wellbeing benefits of yoga and tai chi.

How do I know all this? Well, firstly through my own life-changing experience of learning how to cope successfully with my personal stress crisis many years ago (hint: by combining mindfulness and controlled deep breathing techniques, psychologically-derived strategies, and gentle yoga and tai chi healing movement). Secondly, I also have a solid postgraduate mental health counselling training and experiential background, providing me with a knowledge-base appropriate to client safety and understanding of stress and anxiety. My background is comprised of many decades working internationally in a nurturing helping-professional context; variously, as an educator with stressful and anxious, socially and educationally disadvantaged children and young people, and as a counsellor and coach with adult individuals and sexual relationship couples. For more details about my university professional training in education, counselling and psychotherapy, and details about my experience and focus as a coach, please click here; and for my life history synopsis to-date, see About Keith.

For more information regarding how my coaching works, please read on through this homepage. And, for in-depth information regarding stress management coaching generally, the "why and how" about my psychologically informed coaching, and how my coaching is very different from counselling and psychotherapy, please go directly to What is stress management coaching?.

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Getting started
on stress and anxiety management coaching

Some potential clients contact me initially for stress and anxiety management coaching with just a vague feeling that some form of self-change or self-development is desired, or crucial, to make success and achievement possible again in their stressful life. By contrast, others already know precisely what goals they wish to achieve from coaching. Some have even already started out on their journey of dealing with stressful aspects of self-development or self-change, either self-driven and highly motivated, or with prior help from other coaching, or as an offshoot of recent counselling. It really doesn't matter exactly where along this continuum you happen to be, I'm happy to start stress management coaching / cognitive behavioural coaching with you. (If you are currently engaged in counselling on a related area, then I would recommend that you discuss with your counsellor that you’re considering contacting me regarding coaching also, and see how she or he feels about this.)

All of my coaching focuses on helping you to understand, manage, and overcome your stress by identifying, and working directly on, the root causes of these stressful, unhelpful and success-blocking negative emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours that result in very serious consequences throughout your entire life. In line with this, we will clearly identify from our early meetings together what specific stress and anxiety changes you wish, or need, to achieve. From that, we will then focus on creating a structured approach to making the achievement of your self-changes a serious practicality.

My professional focus is on helping you, firstly, to identify and understand the underlying causes, problems and contexts which create your stress-inducing anxious thoughts, fear, worries, low self-esteem, low resilience, insecurity, self-doubt, overload, burnout, frustration and / or dissatisfaction. Then, secondly, together as a team, we'll get to grips with exactly how all of this may be blocking you from achieving what you wish to achieve in your life or relationships. Finally, from this basis of greater self-understanding, I'll guide you in moving forward, step-by-step, to achieve lower stress levels and, concurrently, the self-development, positivity, focus, mindfulness and self-belief necessary for you to attain your desired self-fulfilment, goals and ambitions. This might even be a total self-reinvention in your life. This is all achieved via an individualised self-development programme, devised jointly between us as a team effort.

Additionally, from my long experience as an integrative counsellor often heavily focused on sexual relationships counselling, I also specialise in guiding, motivating and supporting your self-development, emotional wellbeing and self-care across all areas of sexual relating where there are stress-reducing self-changes or improvements you wish, or need, to make. This might involve self-development in communication; learning how to negotiate sexual consent and psychological / emotional and physical boundaries; or, replacing relationship negativity with positivity. It could also include stressful or anxious areas of your relating or sexuality that you wish to learn more about, or areas that you wish or need to improve on, or develop, somewhat differently.

What do I offer as a stress management coach
and how do I work with you?

My chosen form of coaching is generally an integration of person-centred / humanistic approaches with other helpful strategies, often including some cognitive behavioural approaches. This combination provides a focus on you as a “whole person”, and on your overall self-care and wellbeing throughout. The moving forward towards your goal component is achieved by us together as a team, often working directly on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This is often by using time-proven approaches from the mind-body yoga and tai chi exercise world (such as mindfulness training), plus some very effective cognitive behavioural coaching strategies. However, this is only part of my repertoire, I do, of course, have many other approaches available as well, particularly in sexual relationships coaching.

You can read listings below of all the stressful areas, contexts, or situations that my stress management and self-care coaching can cover with you, from my base serving the Inverness, Great Glen, Strathspey, Moray Firth and Highland(s) regions.

My specialist
Stress and Anxiety Management Coaching
areas and approaches comprise:

*Identifying goals in any area of your life, relationships, etc., with clarity.

*Making goal achievement / self-development accessible to you.

*Achieving self-change.

*Reinventing yourself.

*Learning how to feel in control of your life and events.

*Identifying toxic elements in your life, and then devising strategies to minimise their effect on you, or even removing them if possible.

*Reassessing your priorities in life to relieve stress, anxious thinking, and fear.

*Improving your communication skills.

*Assertion training and learning to take, or regain, control over potentially stressful and anxious thinking and fear-generating situations in your life.

*Stress, anxious thoughts and fear management.

*Strategies to cope with stress, anxious thoughts, and overwhelming fear.

*Understanding and managing low self-esteem.

*Resilience training.

*Positive thinking as a way forward to wellbeing, self-development and goal achievement.

*Mindfulness training as a way to create inner focus and calm.

*Understanding and managing insecurity.

*Review of your decision-making and life-choices skills in life, at work, in relationships, etc.

*Migration / international relocation: Adapting to life, work or study in a new country.

*Viral and other health epidemic / pandemic related stress, including coping with social distancing / isolation and its after-effects.

*Climate Change associated stress.

*Cognitive behavioural coaching approaches.

For more details specifically on my stress-related coaching, please see Stress management for you. If you wish to consider stress and anxiety management and self-development coaching for your sexual relationship(s) or personal sexuality, then please see my Sex, relationships, stress and anxiety section.

My clientele
Who do I work with?

Since 2000, my psychologically-based practice has always been very international, cosmopolitan, and widely welcoming to fellow humans from all socio-economic backgrounds. I have worked face-to-face with adult individuals and couples of all ages, from dozens of countries, and by phone and internet with persons from as far away as Vietnam.

Whatever areas of your life and self-care we may be working on together, whether face-to-face within my Inverness based office, or by some other medium, please be reassured that as a psychologically-based professional I'm very comfortable working with adults from all sexual lifestyles, sexualities and orientations. This includes traditional monogamous, LGBT, ethically non-monogamous / polyamorous, polysexual, demisexual or asexual, whatever. In fact, as a sexuality specialist, I am completely friendly and welcoming to, supportive of, and knowledgeable about all gender combinations, sexualities and lifestyles involving adult, mutually consensual, informed sexuality and relating. All are very natural and normal examples of the wide range of human life experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: If you would like to chat with me about any aspect of my coaching, your personal coaching needs or goals, or anything else related to this, then please contact me. Details for contact by email or phone are displayed on each website page. I’ll be very pleased to respond promptly to your enquiry.

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