Keith Nathaniel Partington MA (Couns & Psych), BEd (Hons) Counsellor & Stress and Anxiety Management Coach
Inverness & Great Glen Region

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I offer Counselling & Coaching for stressful and anxious issues in your personal life, in your sexuality and intimate relationship(s), and in your work or career. I also specialise in climate emergency and health pandemic anxiety and stress. My focus is always on helping with your fears, worries, low self-esteem, low resilience, self-doubt and insecurities.

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* Counselling for you as an Individual or as a Couple
* Coaching to help you with Stress and Anxiety Management
* Coaching for your Self-Care and Self-Development in Sexuality and Relationships
arriving in the Black Isle, Inverness and Great Glen areas sometime during 2021

As an experienced professional coach and counsellor I will help you to manage, or resolve, the root causes of your stress, anxieties and stressful issues. Specifically, I will focus with you on your underlying worries, fears, frustrations, problems, low self-esteem, low resilience, self-doubt, insecurity, work / career / educational concerns, and personal, relationship and sexuality or asexuality issues, which are causing you stress and anxiety. This includes my special interest in stress and anxiety issues stemming from climate change emergencies and health / virus pandemic effects.

My aim is always to create for you a calm, safe space within which I work with you supportively, compassionately, motivationally, and ethically. You will find me warm, empathic, understanding, non-judgmental, genuine in my desire to help you, and having a deep regard for your overall wellbeing at all times.

So, what brings you to my counselling and coaching website at this point in your life? Are your deep worries, anxieties, fears, concerns, frustrations, low self-esteem, insecurities or self-doubt now creating far too much stress for you, and casting their damaging dark shadow across some, or all, of your personal life, your career, and your educational pursuits? Is your fear of inevitable further global crisis, climate change or health pandemic causing an impact on your mental and physical wellbeing? Are these, or other issues, negative emotions or feelings, also destroying your happiness in your sexuality and relationship(s)? Are stress and anxiety, or life, work or sexuality and relationship issues blocking your sense of personal competence and good judgment, communication skills, self-confidence and self-esteem? And, are any of the above now holding you back, therefore, from self-advancement and goal achievement in your work, career or educational endeavours?

If your answer to one or more of the above is “yes”, then psychologically-informed professional coaching or integrative counselling to help you manage, or resolve, the underlying causes of such stressful and anxiety-creating issues or concerns may be of immense relief and benefit to you. And this is where I’ll be pleased to offer you my coaching and counselling help.

Since 1975, I have accumulated an extensive international background working professionally with stressful and anxious children, young people, adult individuals, and sexual relationship partners and couples. As a counsellor, a psychologically-based stress and anxiety management coach, and as a former US-UK Fulbright Award-winning educator, my work has taken place, variously, in international educational settings, adult mental health counselling contexts and adult coaching contexts, on both sides of the Atlantic. My professional background and training, including an MA in integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, have given me a deep understanding of the causes, effects, and the effective management of, stress and stressful contexts in all areas of human life. Since 2000 my sole professional focus has been on private practice work in SE England, SW England and, most recently, the Scottish Highlands. This has been with adults, variously, as a mental health counsellor and relationship counsellor / coach, and as a psychologically-based coach specialising in stress and anxiety management in all aspects of life, sexuality and relationships.

Across all aspects of my work, you will find me to be a very experienced counsellor and psychologically-based stress and anxiety management coach, based very conveniently for most of the Black Isle, Inverness and Great Glen areas. In my coaching and counselling I use well-proven holistic / humanistic approaches, and highly effective cognitive behavioural approaches with my clients, so I can customise my work with you for the most effective outcome.

And, because of my broad-based counselling, psychotherapy and educational training and professional interests, my coaching and counselling cover all areas of your life. This includes your career / professional life, your educational pursuits, your personal life and your intimate relating and sexuality. It also includes, of course, my special interest in helping you with your stress, fears and anxiety related to global climate change concerns and health pandemic crises.

At this point, if you’re visiting my website to read about what I offer you as a counsellor, and about my specific counselling services, then please continue reading below. Alternatively, please follow this link for stress and anxiety management coaching, or this one if your interest is coaching for stressful and anxious aspects of your sexuality or intimate relating .

Counselling for personal, sexual relating and career issues. Blossom2

Counselling with me

As a counsellor I am experienced and happy to provide counselling (also including coaching where helpful) in each of, or any combination of, the following areas:

Counselling for your life problems
in the following areas

*Stress, anxious thoughts and fear management: Including strategies to cope with your stress, anxious thoughts, and fears, in any areas of your life.

*Anxiety: Understanding and managing your anxiety.

*Virus pandemics: Coping with the presence, and the after-effects, of viral and other health epidemic / pandemic related stress, anxiety, and fears.

*Coping with viral pandemic social distancing / isolation and its emotional, psychological and behavioural after-effects.

*Climate Change associated stress, anxiety, and fears.

*Low Self-Esteem: Understanding and managing your low self-esteem, and how to resolve this problem.

*Insecurity: Understanding and managing insecurity in your daily life.

*Anger Management: Including assertion training and learning to take, or regain, control over potentially stressful and anxious thoughts and fear-generating situations in your life.

*Living in another culture or country: Migration / international relocation and adapting to life, relationships, sexuality, work or study in a new country.

*Mindfulness training (a wide range of possibilities) and controlled deep breathing techniques as a way to create inner focus and calm instead of stress and anxiety.

Counselling for sex and relationships
in the following areas

*Viral and other health epidemic / pandemic related stress effects on your sex and relationships, including coping with social distancing / isolation and its after-effects.

*Understanding and self-validating your sexuality and relationship needs, as an individual or as a couple.

*Managing stress between sexual or asexual relationship partners.

*Negotiating your relationship boundaries or sexual boundaries.

*Maintaining relationship or sexual boundaries against coercion.

*Surviving sexual abuse that happened in your childhood, or in your adult life.

*Counselling for personal self-care in sex and sexual situations.

*Dealing with emotional conflict in relating and sex.

*Developing or re-discovering your physical / sexual intimacy.

*Developing or re-discovering emotional intimacy in sex and relating.

*Improving / developing communication skills.

*Establishing common relationship goals – what is your relationship about?

*Overcoming shyness, anxiety, fear and insecurity in sexual and intimate emotional situations.

*Negotiating change (of any kind) within your relationship.

*Learning to relate and understand and support each other’s emotional and sexual needs.

*Learning how to develop sexual skills together.

*Negotiating changes in relationship structure (e.g. changing from monogamy to non-monogamy, one or more partners exploring a same-gender interest outside of the opposite-gender couple).

*Maintaining sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy as you get older.

*Evolving away from emotional and behavioural rigidity in your relating and sexuality.

*All issues, problems or concerns within non-traditional and alternative sexuality, including all forms of non-monogamous relating, demisexuality, pansexuality and asexuality.

*Getting unstuck from relationship worries, fears, and insecurities.

*Developing your communication and partnering skills further in your sexual relating (working with either an individual, couple or small group).

And, of course, I am also always pleased to answer difficult, embarrassing questions about sexuality and relating, concerning absolutely any kind of mutually-informed consensual sexual context. Please believe me, nothing shocks me, embarrasses me, or causes me to judge you in any way whatsoever (I recommend you also take a look at my sex, relationships, stress and anxiety page).

As a counsellor, I’m here to work patiently, calmly, supportively and motivationally with you, helping you to explore, understand, and manage or resolve your life problems. Concurrently I will also be working with you (using my stress and anxiety management expertise) to help you reduce the stress and anxiety that these problems, issues or concerns have created for you, thereby helping you further improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

As you might expect, as a counsellor and coach I have completed appropriate master’s degree training in counselling and psychotherapy. For more details about my university professional training in counselling and psychotherapy, and details about my career experience as a counsellor and coach, please click here; and for my life history synopsis to-date, see About Keith.

My clientele
Who do I work with?

Since 2000, my counselling and coaching practice has always been very international, cosmopolitan, and widely welcoming to fellow humans from all socio-economic,ethnic, linguistic and national backgrounds. As both a counsellor and a coach, I have worked face-to-face with adult individuals and couples of all ages, from dozens of countries, and by phone and internet with persons from as far away as Vietnam.

Whatever areas of your life and self-care we may be focused on in counselling or coaching together, whether face-to-face within my Inverness based office, or by some other medium, please be reassured that as a counsellor and coach I'm very comfortable working with adults from all sexual lifestyles, sexualities and orientations. This includes traditional monogamous, LGBT, ethically non-monogamous / polyamorous, polysexual, demisexual or asexual, whatever. In fact, as a counsellor, coach, and private individual, I am completely friendly and welcoming to, supportive of, and knowledgeable about all gender combinations, sexualities and lifestyles involving adult, mutually consensual, informed sexuality and relating. All are very natural and normal examples of the wide range of human life experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: If you would like to chat with me about any aspect of my counselling, your personal counselling needs, or anything else related to my work as a counsellor, then please contact me. Details for contact by email or phone are displayed on each website page. I’ll be very pleased to respond promptly to your enquiry.

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