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23rd April 2019 

Hello, I'm Keith,
and I'm pleased to offer you

Stress Management Coaching
Coaching to help you manage your stress and improve your emotional,
psychological and physical wellbeing across all aspects of your life

Strala Yoga
For help with your stress, and to improve your overall mind-body wellness
with Strala Yoga, go from here directly to Strala Yoga

Relationship Coaching
Sensitive coaching for self-development and couple-development within
your intimate relating and sexual expression, making your
relating what you want it to be

Welcome to my stress management, relationship coaching and Strala Yoga mind-body wellness website; areas of life that I'm truly passionate about. My coaching is designed specifically to target the uniquely personal areas that you wish to improve or further develop in your stressful life and / or intimate relationship(s), and to help you address any associated problems that may need resolution or better management.

I come from a rich international background in counselling, psychotherapy, education, teaching and coaching, with various professional practitioner qualifications, including an MA Counselling and Psychotherapy and a BEd Hons. I've been directly helping people to manage their stress and improve their relationships, emotional and psychological wellbeing, sexual wellbeing and overall mind-body wellness since 2000. This has been through various combinations of coaching, counselling (from 2000 to 2013), and, in the near future will include Strala Yoga. As a former US-UK Fulbright Award-winning educator, this background has helped me develop into an effective, supportive and motivational teacher and coach.

Underpinned by this combined background I'm here to help you manage your stress, improve areas of your life and relationship(s), and improve your mind-body wellness. In particular, stress management can be approached with me either through targeted, supportive coaching that is customised for your specific goals, or in a more general sense through gentle, slow, calming mind-body wellness classes featuring Strala Yoga.

If you’re here to find out about my soon-to-be-commenced gentle Strala Yoga-inspired stress management and mind-body wellness classes then please feel free to go directly to my Strala Yoga page from here. Or, please scroll further down through this page to read about my coaching.

Introduction: Stress Management,  Strala Yoga, and Relationship Coaching. StralaTwo

Introduction to
my Coaching

As the medical world, psychologists, and coaching professionals (such as myself) trained in areas of counselling, education and mind-body wellness now readily acknowledge, stress is insidious. Stress and worrying about any areas of your life, including frustration, anxiety and dissatisfaction with areas of your intimate relating and sexuality, can destroy your emotional and physical wellness, your relationship(s), your sexual function, your career and -- in time -- potentially your whole life. Stress is a killer. And, stress rarely, if ever, just simply disappears out of your life. So, dealing with stress, and with those worrying areas of life -- such as your dissatisfaction or frustration with your relationship(s) or sexuality -- is a proactive choice on your part to make the consistent effort that it takes to put your life back on track. Stress can, in fact, be sensibly managed by various kinds of psychologically-based coaching, as well as in a more general sense through mind-body connection exercise, such as yoga and tai chi.

What professional insights do I bring to my stress management and relationship coaching work? My long professional involvement in working with stressed people since 1975 has given me a depth of knowledge and understanding regarding the multiple causes / origins, effects and outcomes of stress on our psychological and physical health and wellness. Throughout the years I've been involved in working internationally with highly stressed children, teenagers and adults in a wide range of educational and psychological therapy contexts. For thirteen years this was as a UK-based counsellor, working with adult individuals and couples on issues of stress, anxiety, depressive feelings, sexual abuse, and insecurity. I also specialised as a relationship and sexuality counsellor for traditional as well as LGBT, alternative and non-monogamous / polyamorous lifestyles. Concurrent with my counselling, I coached clients experiencing severe stress, as well as clients having sexual and intimate relating self-development needs or goals. Prior to my counselling work, between 1975-1999 I was a US-UK Fulbright Award-winning educator, working in England and California predominantly with socially disadvantaged, stressful, anxious and insecure children and young people experiencing significant emotional, social, behavioural and educational problems.

Now retired completely from counselling and therapy I continue to offer coaching that is uniquely focused on stress management as well as relationship development and sexual wellbeing. As you can see, my journey to coaching has evolved out of a serious and varied international helping-professional background, which all contributes greatly to my present skills, knowledge and experiential understanding.

My coaching areas

Stress Management: I will guide you in formulating, and then achieving, your stress management goals, quite literally in any area(s) of your life. This includes in your work / career, health, family, leaving home, friendships, education, stress from being at university, stresses of international relocation (voluntary or forced), social life and social media contexts, and also in all areas of your sexuality and relating (whether traditional or non-traditional). Please scroll down for more details.

Relationship Coaching: I will work with you on developing your relationship skills and / or sexual wellbeing, in whatever direction you desire to personally evolve, either as an individual or as a couple. At the same time, I will happily coach you in practical strategies to help you manage any of your associated insecurities, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, as well as helping you to develop any desired life-skills. Please scroll down for more details.

Coaching for stress management
Let's get those stress levels down!

My postgraduate school of psychology integrative training focused predominantly on humanistic and cognitive behavioural approaches to emotional and behavioural issues, including for stress and anxieties. Integrated with this, of course, is my ever-continuing mind-body wellness personal learning, plus my daily practice of stress-reducing mind-body exercise, most particularly as a soon-to-be qualified Strala Yoga Guide. And, I’ve also been there personally. By which, I mean that -- in terms of personal experience -- there was also a very dark and frightening ten year period in my life where I had to deal with my own suddenly arising psychological and physical health-impacting stress crisis. This was, over time, put to rest by my consistent and mindful self-application of the same coaching and mind-body wellness skill-sets and strategies that I gladly share with my clients.

As you can see, I'm thoroughly grounded when it comes to understanding and managing stress. It would be my great pleasure to work with you and help you with stress in any aspect(s) of your life.

Relationship Coaching
For your emotional and sexual wellbeing

My coaching here is a very non-counselling (relaxed and practical) approach to helping you manage your dissatisfaction about relationships and / or sexuality. At the core of this work is my focus on further developing your relationship partnering skills. This may include, improved interpersonal communication skills, negotiating skills, sexual and relationship boundary setting and boundary maintenance skills, gentle self-assertion skills, development of greater intimacy, overcoming shyness and anxieties in sexual situations, improved sexual understanding, and so much more besides. This is all according to your unique needs and the goals you wish to achieve. Relationship coaching can also be stress management-focused, of course, if reducing stress in your relating or sexuality is your major self-development requirement.

I'm very comfortable working within traditional monogamous sexual relating contexts, but I also specialise in LGBT, non-monogamous / polyamorous and all other sexual contexts. I am friendly to, welcoming and knowledgeable with, and about, all gender combinations, sexualities and lifestyles involving adult, mutually consensual, informed sexuality and relating.

My approach with clients

My approach with clients is always ethical, calming, warm, empathic, caring, highly supportive and motivational, and completely confidential. And I have a (pleasant) sense of humour! Whether coaching you, or guiding you in Strala Yoga, I consider that the quality of our professional relationship together is always the most important determinant of success. I always approach my stress management coaching, relationship coaching and Strala Yoga mind-body wellness sessions, from a strong interest in helping you to develop more effective control of enjoying your life journey.

You can read in greater detail about what I offer, and how we can work together in coaching, by clicking here.

Keeping up-to-date
and sharing with others

In my coaching, and in my use of Strala, I keep myself well updated on research coming from practitioners and researchers in psychology, sexuality and relationship studies, exercise and health sciences, and broader areas of the social sciences in general. And, in the spirit of sharing, I have written many articles for the internet on educational, coaching, sexuality, relationship, stress and anxiety areas, and have published occasional printed articles and research internationally, including in The Guardian Weekly and Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Finding out more about my coaching,
the dangers of stress, and my background

To read in more detail about my stress management coaching and my relationship coaching, please follow this link. If you'd like to find out more about the dangers of stress, then this link will take you to my section focusing on stress and its effects on mind and body. Finally, to find out more about me, my general background, and professional qualifications, please click here.