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Are you stressed and anxious about your career / work or education, your personal life, your sexual relating, or climate change and health pandemics? If so, I provide psychologically-based coaching focused on reducing your stress and anxiety by helping you to overcome your fears, worries, low self-esteem, low resilience, self-doubt and insecurities.

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Arriving in the Black Isle, Inverness and Great Glen areas during early 2022


I am an experienced psychologically-informed, MA-qualified, professional coach. My goal is to help you manage and reduce your stress and anxiety levels in all areas of your personal and social life, your work, career, education, sexuality and relationship(s). To achieve this I provide a combination of psychologically-based humanistic and cognitive behavioural approaches.

I have more than twenty years experience working with stress and anxiety as an integrative coach and counsellor, helping adult individuals and relationship couples to manage or resolve their stress and anxiety, and associated problems and issues, across their lives. Most importantly, in addition to all of my professional training and many thousands of client-hours as a coach and counsellor, I have also spent more than thirty years learning at first hand about my own stress and anxiety. This has involved me in learning how to understand and better manage my stress and anxieties for my own wellbeing, and also to share with others all that I've learned on this journey, both as a qualified professional and as a private individual. In 2021, after twenty-one years of offering integrative stress and anxiety coaching and counselling, I chose to close my counselling practice and re-focus my energies solely into adult coaching. This is in order to offer you an effective, modern and more relaxed non-counselling approach to these same problem areas of intensive stress and anxiety in all aspects of your life.

I am serious about my work, and equally serious about my qualifications. I hold an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy, including integrative counsellor training accredited by BACP (the professional counselling and coaching body), with a self-chosen focus on humanistic and cognitive behavioural approaches. Additionally, as a former internationally-recognised US-UK Fulbright educator, I completed a professional BEd (Hons) teacher degree with coaching-relevant training in areas of psychology.

What about stress and anxiety from climate change and health pandemic causes? I particularly specialise in working with you in these areas. My MA training in counselling and psychotherapy, combined with my BEd (Hons) geographical / environmental and psychological training, equip me to fully understand natural and human origin environmental hazards, including climate change and health pandemics. This includes their causes as well as their devastating emotional, psychological, and socio-economic impacts on individuals and society, and the adaptations which we must make as individuals, and as societies, in order to decrease our vulnerability to the effects of these phenomena. From this rich understanding I am more qualified than most to work with you in this area of stress and anxiety.

I work with you patiently, supportively and caringly to help you understand - and tackle more effectively - the root causes of your stress, fear and anxieties. This is focused specifically on helping you to identify and manage or resolve your underlying worries, fears, frustrations, problems, low self-esteem, low resilience, self-doubt, insecurity, work / career / educational concerns, and personal, dissatisfactions, relationship and sexuality worries or fears, which are actually the underlying cause of your stress and anxiety. Concurrently, I will also be focused on helping you improve your overall self-care, increasing your positive emotionality, and improving your self-image / self-perception, resilience and wellbeing. Whatever your wellbeing concerns, social, personal, career, or sexual relating self-care needs or self-development goals may be, my first aim is always very clear. This is to create for you a calm, safe space within which I can coach you in managing the causes of your stress and anxiety supportively, compassionately, motivationally, and ethically. You will find me warm, empathic, an attentive listener, understanding, non-judgmental, genuine in my desire to help you, and having a deep regard at all times for your wellbeing, self-development and self-fulfilment.

As a former counsellor who also specialised in sexual and relationship counselling I also offer you a modern non-counselling approach to managing or resolving your sexual relating stress, fears and anxieties, and working concurrently on your individual or couple self-development, in my sexuality and relationship coaching.

Having completed my MA Counselling and Psychotherapy training with a strong preference for evidence-based humanistic and cognitive behavioural modalities, my professional coaching is based on the coaching versions of these two areas. This often includes aspects of mindfulness training and other strategies such as controlled deep breathing exercises, visualisation exercises, etcetera. This is all aimed at you developing more positivity in interpreting your emotions, feelings and experiences, thereby helping you to activate your mind-body relaxation response, known in psychology as activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This latter occurs when, through our work together, you find yourself (as you will) beginning to change your stressful, fearful and anxious perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours into something less worrying and more emotionally positive in your daily personal, social, career / work, and sexual relating contexts. Helping you to develop new ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling and behaving positively, and developing new positivity-oriented behavioural skill-sets, is all an important part in this process.

My integrative coaching approach allows me to very easily customise my work with you for the most effective outcome to suit your very individualistic requirements and circumstances. Unlike counselling and psychotherapy, however, integrative coaching is a much more relaxed and motivational process, concerned with where you are now and where you wish to be, without spending weeks going through your history or treating you like a patient who has something wrong with them!

I coach adult individuals, couples or small groups, working from my home-based consulting room, with complete confidentiality, free on-site private parking and private cloakroom / toilet facilities. In addition to my office-based coaching, I can coach you regularly and effectively by internet or phone if we're in health-based protective lockdown, or you're stranded in local weather-bound areas, or if you are resident in distant regions of the UK, continental Europe or Asia.

Prior to becoming a stress and anxiety management coach, sexuality and relationship coach, and former counsellor, between 1975-1999 I was a US-UK Fulbright award-winning educator in English and Californian secondary and special education, working with stressful, anxious children and young people who mostly experienced significant levels of socio-economic deprivation and educational disadvantage. Through my personal experiences as a child and young adult, and through my extensive helping-professional background since 1975 as an educator, counsellor, and coach, I have a deep understanding of the causes, effects, and effective management of stressful and anxious issues and problems in all areas of human life.

Coaching, or Counselling? Which is best for you?

At this point, to find out more about the differences between the coaching that I offer, or whether you might need counselling instead, then please continue reading below. Alternatively, if your interest is definitely in psychologically-informed coaching with me, then please follow this link for Stress and anxiety management and self-care coaching, or this one for Stress, anxiety, self-care and self-development in sexuality and relating.

Introduction to my Coaching for Stress and Anxiety Management. Blossom2

Coaching or Counselling?
Are Coaching and Counselling really very different from each other?

Or, are coaching and counselling just the same process by a different name? In fact, whilst they have many, many similarities, they're actually quite different in some very meaningful respects.

Coaching, when encountered at its best and most professional level, is a process aimed at guiding you, motivating you, and supporting you in your achievement of ambitions, goals, further self-development and self fulfilment in whatever areas of life you wish, or need, to improve. This can be in any aspect of your personal life, or your sexual, relationship, work / career, educational, health, or emotional wellbeing areas of life. My own coaching focuses, of course, on helping you to take more control, achieve your personal goals, and advance your mind and body wellbeing and self-care in areas of stress and anxiety in any aspect of your life, including sexuality and relationships. This includes climate change or viral pandemic-related stress and anxiety. Coaching of any kind always starts from where you currently are and focuses solely on the present and the future.

The best coaches will have a strong professional experience background - and, often, this will be backed up by relevant professional university degrees and / or professional postgraduate studies. The very best coaches will often have impressive and relevant international life and professional career experience, and outstanding background experience in one or more professional or business fields. In fact, some of the best coaches have far more impressive qualifications, international recognition and distinctions, and relevant professional experience, than do most counsellors / therapists. In my own case my professional background is as a Fulbright Award-winning internationally recognised educator, a counsellor, and as a coach, with relevant university degrees in Education, Geography, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

By contrast, Counselling is a form of talking therapy that allows you to discuss your emotional and behavioural problems, worries and any difficult feelings which you are experiencing, working with a non-judgmental professional who is psychologically trained in psychotherapeutic procedures. The aimed-for outcome of this is for counselling to help you develop a better understanding of your feelings, thought processes and behaviours, and bring about helpful changes in these areas. As a result of these changes in thought patterns, feelings and behaviours, you may move on in your life by creating practical and workable solutions to your problems in all aspects of your personal life, work / career, sexuality and relationships. Counselling often focuses on in-depth exploration into your personal life-history, in order to help you understand where your problems arose.

In general, you would come to coaching because you’re not satisfied with, or worried about, one or more aspects of your life. You would wish to make effective changes and achieve your goals, possibly even reinventing aspects of your life, supported, guided and encouraged by a professional coach who is trained and / or sufficiently life-experienced in that area to motivate, support and help you make improvements. Support, great positivity and motivation are crucial aspects of coaching, and these are often lacking in counselling or psychotherapy.

For example, as a coach focused on working with your stress, anxiety, relationships or sexual wellbeing, I work closely with you to identify your positive areas, reinforce your existing strengths (which you will certainly have, I promise you), and help you to attain the stress, anxiety, sexuality or relationship outcomes that you're aiming to achieve as your coaching goals. All of this is highly positive in perspective; none of it is negative. By contrast, much counselling tends to be (sadly) concerned with “fixing” people, “putting them right”, and focused very rigidly on the counsellor's perceived negatives in the client's personality or lifestyle.

Sometimes, of course, where serious emotional, psychological and behavioural issues are deep-rooted they do require a deeper exploration – and, in this case a counselling or psychotherapy approach, or even deeper clinical approaches, are essential. With my background in counselling and psychotherapy I will generally recognise, after only a couple or so sessions, a client who has deeper issues which need exploring in counselling or therapy. In this case I will explain my findings to you carefully, and help you to find a suitable psychological / psychotherapeutic practitioner, or recommend you contact your GP, for the appropriate help.

However, where the aimed-for outcome is that of helping you to learn how to manage and decrease your stress and anxiety levels in any area of your life, or work with you on your sexual and relationship self-development, then, providing that there are no deep psychological issues which need attention from your past, coaching with me is a highly appropriate option.

To find out more about my undergraduate and postgraduate professional training please look here. For my background and philosophy, please see About Keith.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: Please contact me initially through my website email and we can then arrange a mutually convenient phone call (no fee charged), so that we can talk confidentially, for as long as it takes, about your current needs and requirements. I’ll be very pleased to respond promptly to your email enquiry.

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