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Are you Stressed & Anxious about your career, education, personal life, sex, relationships, climate change or pandemics? If so, as a specialised coach, and former coach-counsellor/therapist, I offer coaching to help you manage and reduce your stress and anxiety, and overcome your fears, worries, low self-esteem, low resilience, self-doubt and insecurities.

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Appointments available from mid-2022 serving the local Inverness, Great Glen,
Highlands, Moray Firth and Strathspey areas, and the wider World

Introduction to my work

I’m an experienced psychologically-informed stress and anxiety management coach, with wide-ranging coach and counsellor/therapist experience, based in Inverness. I’ve specialised in stress and anxiety management with adult individuals and relationship couples since 2000, also providing integrative counselling and therapy for stressful and anxious adult issues, sexuality and relationship problems between 2000-2021. Prior to that, between 1975-1999 I was an international educator and US-UK Fulbright Award recipient, working with often stressful and anxious socially-disadvantaged children and young people in England and California.

From this background I've evolved sensitive, empathic and ethical approaches to the effective management of adult stress and anxiety. I will work with you on helping with stress and anxiety in any or all areas of your personal, social and career life, including sex and relating (traditional or non-traditional). This includes stress and anxiety regarding your exposure to, or fear of, environmental threats such as climate change/extreme weather or pandemics. My coaching combines holistic approaches with evidence-based humanistic and cognitive behavioural coaching approaches.

My undergraduate and postgraduate university training and professional experience is in areas of Education (including aspects of psychology), Counselling, Psychotherapy, BACP-accredited counsellor/therapist training, and Geography (including extreme climate/weather threats, environment, pollution, flooding and medical geography). These areas equip me with a strong and effective coaching background.

Through my personal experiences of insecurity, stress and anxiety as a child and adult, and through my professional work since 1975, variously, as an educator, coach, counsellor and therapist, I have a deep understanding of the causes, effects, and management of stressful and anxious issues and problems. In addition to all of my professional counselling and psychotherapy training and many thousands of client-hours as a coach and counsellor/therapist, I have also spent more than thirty years experiencing my own stress and anxiety. This has involved me in learning how to understand - and better manage - stress and anxieties in order to improve my own wellbeing, and also to share with others all that I'm learning on this life journey, both as an individual and in my capacities as a professional stress and anxiety management coach, and former counsellor and therapist, currently based in Inverness, Scotland.

In 2021, after twenty-one years of private practice as an integrative stress, anxiety, sexuality and relationship-focused coach, counsellor and therapist, I closed down my counselling/therapy practice, re-focusing my energies solely into my coaching without counselling. This is in order to offer you an effective, modern and more relaxed, coaching without counselling approach to these problem areas of intensive stress and anxiety in all aspects of your adult life.

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My flexible coaching approach allows me to very easily customise my work with you for the most effective outcome to suit your very individualistic requirements and circumstances. Unlike counselling and psychotherapy, however, integrative coaching is a much more relaxed, informal and motivational process, concerned with where you are now and where you wish to be, without spending weeks going through your history or treating you like a patient who has something wrong with them! All of this is largely why my stress and anxiety coaching based in Inverness doesn't offer counselling, only coaching.

Sometimes, of course, where serious emotional, psychological and behavioural issues are deep-rooted they do require a deeper exploration – and, in this case a counselling or psychotherapy approach, or even deeper clinical approaches, are most appropriate. With my background as a former counsellor and therapist I will generally recognise where a client has deeper issues better explored through counselling or psychotherapy. In this case I will explain my findings to you carefully, and help you to find a counsellor/therapist or psychologist in Inverness, or recommend you to contact your GP.

By this point, your interest may now be in finding out more about the psychologically-informed coaching (without counselling) approaches that I offer to help reduce your stress and anxiety, working either from my Inverness base, or remotely by internet or phone. If so, you may wish to read about:

* The mind and body dangers of stress and anxiety;
* Stress and anxiety management and self-care coaching;
*Stress, anxiety, self-care and self-development in sexuality and relating.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me: Initially it's best to contact me via my website email and we can then arrange a mutually convenient phone call (with no fee charged). In this way we can talk for as long as it takes about your current needs and requirements, informally, confidentially, and with no obligation whatsoever. And, of course, I’ll be very pleased to respond promptly to your initial email enquiry to get this all rolling. To find out more about my life, background and professional philosophy and qualifications, please look here.

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