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My Counselling & Coaching, based in Inverness, focuses on helping you to reduce or overcome stress, anxiety, and underlying fears, low self-esteem, insecurity, conflict and self-doubt in your personal and social life, career, profession, sexuality and relating. This includes stress, anxiety and fears regarding climate crisis, rapid global change, or pandemics.

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Integrative Counsellor and Therapist
Stress, Anxiety & Conflict Management Coach
based in Inverness, Scotland

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As an integrative counsellor, therapist and coach, holding an MA in integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (and other coaching-relevant university qualifications), I’m now based in Westhill, Inverness. In my work, I specialise in offering combinations of counselling and/or coaching with you from my Inverness office, in areas of your life where stress, anxiety and associated issues, negative emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours are casting their unpleasant control over your thoughts and actions.

My aim as a counsellor/therapist & coach... to help you learn how to reduce - through better self-understanding and self-management - your levels of stress, anxiety and/or conflict. We achieve this by working together to understand and overcome your negative thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behaviours, and replacing these with positivity. Concurrently, we work on understanding and gaining control over associated issues, fears, self-doubt, insecurities and conflicts which actually cause you to be stressed and anxious. This outcome will benefit you with greater self-fulfilment and calm, and less insecurity, worry or fear. You will also reduce your risk of developing the extremely severe, sometimes life-changing or life-threatening, emotional, mental health and physical health issues which are frequently associated with deep stress, anxiety, conflict and unhappiness.

Since 2000 I’ve specialised in counselling and coaching adult individuals and relationship couples on better-managing their stressful, anxiety-inducing and conflict-ridden aspects of life. This includes counselling and/or coaching for any stressful and anxiety-associated issues and problems you’re experiencing; including fears, low self-esteem, insecurity, conflict and self-doubt in your personal and social life, career, profession, sexuality and relating, and stress, anxiety and fears associated with climate crisis, global change, or pandemics.

In our counselling/coaching together, we will use gentle, evidence-based approaches to help you gradually modify your negatively-focused, mentally and physically self-destructive emotions, feelings, thoughts, perceptions and behaviours. From these you can evolve towards healthier, more rewarding, positive ways of living, playing, working, loving, enjoying sex, and relating.

And yes, I've got a long history of working successfully as a helping-professional with stressed, anxious and conflict-ridden people. Prior to my coaching and counselling work, between 1975-1999 I was an international educator and US-UK Fulbright Award recipient, working in challenging conflict-ridden secondary/special education contexts with often stressful, anxious and vulnerable socially-disadvantaged children and young people in England and California.

How will we work together?
What can you expect from me?

Professional coaching and counselling research, and my many years of coaching and counselling experience, all show conclusively that the quality of our professional relationship is of the utmost importance in achieving a successful client-desired outcome to our work together. From my naturally warm, communicative and calming personality and voice, to my methods of working with you, you’ll find that my counselling/coaching approach with you is always caring, warm, non-judgemental, candid, professional, highly respectful, confidential, motivational, supportive, and positive. From my extensive Counselling, Psychotherapy and Education training and professional background I've evolved sensitive, empathic and ethical approaches to our work together.

My counselling/coaching with you from my Inverness base can cover stressful, anxiety-inducing and conflict-ridden contexts in your personal and social life, in your sexual relating, your workplace, your career/profession, and also stress, anxiety or conflict arising from political/social disorder, international threats, climate change, other environmental crises, and pandemics. My approaches are customised for you, utilising effective holistic, humanistic and cognitive behavioural coaching and counselling-developed methodologies. New to Inverness and Scotland, I am currently going through the process of registering my qualifications with COSCA, the official counselling body of Scotland. All of my client work with you conforms to - or exceeds - the requirements of the ethics codes and complaint procedures of COSCA.

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How knowledgeable am I about stress,
anxiety and conflict?

I have a deep and extensive understanding of the causes, effects, and management of stress, anxiety and conflict. This has evolved over decades, as an international educator, coach and counsellor; now based here in Inverness, but working with many international clients as far afield as Vietnam.

In addition to all my professional counselling training and many thousands of client-hours as a coach and counsellor, I have also spent many years experiencing my own stress and anxiety. This has involved me in learning how to understand - and better manage - stress and anxieties in order to improve my own wellbeing. Through my counsellor/coach role I’m able, and very willing, to share with others all that I'm learning about stress and anxiety on this life journey, both as an individual and in my capacities as a professional stress, anxiety and conflict management coach, and integrative counsellor, currently based in Inverness, Scotland.

By this point, your interest may now be in finding out more about the psychologically-informed coaching and counselling approaches that I offer from my Inverness base to help you reduce your stress, anxiety, or conflict area(s). If so, you may wish to read:

* The mind and body dangers of stress and anxiety;
* Stress and anxiety management and self-care coaching;
* Stress, anxiety, conflict and self-development in sexuality and relating.
* Conflict management coaching for you

To find out more about my life, background and professional philosophy and qualifications, please look here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for counselling and coaching
based from within my Inverness home office

Initially it's best to contact me via my website email or by phone, we can then arrange a mutually convenient return phone call (with no expense or fee to yourself). In this way we can talk for as long as it takes about your current needs and requirements, informally, confidentially, and, of course, with no obligation whatsoever.

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